Paris Texas Pecan Company

Traditional Pecan Pie

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•  Available in-store only.

•  Our signature 9-inch deep-dish pecan pie makes every serving a special occasion.

•  Choose from classic traditional or chocolate—the perfect complement to the rich buttery taste of pecans.

•  Made to order from scratch at our country bake shop using the finest natural ingredients. 

•  Light flaky crust, filled with more than two cups of just-harvested pecans. 

•  Just-baked dating; stores for up to two weeks at room temperature.


Pecans are a passion here in Paris, Texas. And at the Paris Texas Pecan Company, we are committed to building a pecan presence in every home with the highest quality products and service. Discover the superb taste and versatility of the premium pecan—a healthy snack and ingredient with endless possibilities, and come back often!