Paris Texas Pecan Company

Holiday Special (Large)

Sold out.

•   A unique selection of favorites, packaged in a special edition wood box crafted by one of the oldest furniture makers in Texas.

•  A truly distinctive gift that reflects your thoughtful good taste.

•  Holiday Special (Large) provides a variety of pecan products for entertaining and cooking:  Milk Chocolate Pecans, Praline Pecan Honey Butter, 250 ml Pecan Oil, Honey Toasted Pecans, and one pound of fresh Shelled Pecans.

•  Contact us via email or phone to confirm pricing for substitutions or a “Build Your Own” combination not shown here. 


Pecans are a passion here in Paris, Texas. And at the Paris Texas Pecan Company, we are committed to building a pecan presence in every home with the highest quality products and service. Discover the superb taste and versatility of the premium pecan—a healthy snack and ingredient with endless possibilities, and come back often!