Paris Texas Pecan Company

Paris Pecan & Produce began halfway around the world in a secure bunker in the green zone. In April of 2007 Captain Holland Harper, serving with the U.S. Army in Baghdad, Iraq, noticed that everywhere there were date palms on the ground that had fallen from native trees. No one was harvesting this delicious fruit. It reminded him of native pecans back home in Paris, Texas. With luck he would celebrate Thanksgiving there, sharing his favorite pecan pie with family and friends. Holland knew his hometown pecans were loved all over the country and could be loved all over the world. 

In October 2009 the Paris Texas Pecan Company was born, and we began buying, selling, and cracking pecans for both small and large growers. Shortly after that we launched retail sales of pecan products at our shop and at various events. In 2012 we acquired a 400-tree orchard and established an online market. Soon we will offer you even more. Watch us grow, share our pecans with your family and friends, and be a part of our next chapter.


Pecans are a passion here in Paris, Texas. And at the Paris Texas Pecan Company, we are committed to building a pecan presence in every home with the highest quality products and service. Discover the superb taste and versatility of the premium pecan—a healthy snack and ingredient with endless possibilities, and come back often!